Shivganga Jhabua

Group of Social Entrepreneurs working for development solutions for rural India. actively engaged in organizing various activities

Shivganga Samagra Gramvikas Parishad is actively engaged in organizing various activities like training of youth (school drop outs between the age 15-35years) for village development which includes imparting motivation and organizing skills, team work, exposure and understanding of today’s world, technical skills like rain water harvesting and low cost cultivation (organic farming). One of the main objective of these training activities is to make these tribal youths “Paramarthis”. Work with us on the different dimensions of Holistic Rural Development in the landscape of the tribal community of Jhabua.One can visit Shivganga Gurukul to understand Shivganga's work and learn more the tribal community of Jhabua. Shivganga Gurukul facilitates food and accommodation for students and visitors depending on genuinity of the cause. 

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Contributed By: Jai Khandelwal